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Aid for the Typhoon Odette Victims


Give until it hurts.

Let us walk the talk and be open to share.

If you can do something, never hold back.

When I give, this be recorded in my Book of Life.

These are the inspiring words from our leaders who spearheaded the recent donation drive.

The Philippines was devastated by the strong typhoon Odette just before Christmas 2021. It was even more heartbreaking as thousands of families spent their Christmas without any shelter, clothes, and food on the table.

The BCBP Canada GTA East Chapter responded by conducting a donation drive in cash and in kind. The call was circulated among members of the community.

In-cash donations were sent urgently to help buy the basic needs of the victims through the assistance of BCBP Cebu chapter and BCBP National. The clothes were gathered and packed for a week or so and immediately sent.

In spite of the hustle and bustle of the season and with the constraints posted by the rising cases of COVID-19 infection and stricter lockdown measures, BCBP GTA East Chapter members answered the call in helping the typhoon victims. Members shared whatever they can and our leaders were committed in service to provide immediate aid.

We thank all those who participated and rest assured that God can never be outdone in generosity. As you have blessed others, God will bless you even more.

Inspired by the success of our efforts, we intend to do this regularly for our less fortunate countrymen.

In spring, we will hold a book donation drive to foster the love of reading and enhance literacy to some areas in the Philippines.

Rest assured that we will keep the flame of generosity ablaze as we believe that our community walks the talk and that we continue our mission in bringing Christ to our less fortunate brothers and sisters through acts of kindness and generosity.

- Bro X

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